Leslie Cain Realty: Meet Our Team

Buying and selling real estate is bigger than just one agent: it takes a team to do it right!

At Leslie Cain Realty, we're more than just a group of experienced agents—we're a hardworking and dedicated team of professionals, each of us bringing our own unique backgrounds and skillsets. What's that mean for you? It means our team has you covered, no matter what you need!

Leslie Cain, Owner/ Broker, ABR®, SFR

Leslie Cain Owner/ Broker, ABR®, SFR

Paula Gunn, REALTOR®

Paula Gunn REALTOR®

Sherry Wallace, REALTOR®

Sherry Wallace REALTOR®

Ryan Major, REALTOR®

Ryan Major REALTOR®

Stacey Harris, REALTOR®

Stacey Harris REALTOR®

April Shipman, REALTOR®

April Shipman REALTOR®

Caitlin Colliver, REALTOR®

Caitlin Colliver REALTOR®

Laura Hooker, REALTOR®

Laura Hooker REALTOR®

Brad Cain, REALTOR®

Brad Cain REALTOR®

Channing Travis, REALTOR®

Channing Travis REALTOR®

Gena Johnson, REALTOR®

Gena Johnson REALTOR®

Ken Sheppa, REALTOR®

Ken Sheppa REALTOR®

Liana Loyd, REALTOR®

Liana Loyd REALTOR®

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