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Stage Your Lindale Home to Sell

couch in living roomMany times, when I go to list a home in Lindale, there is nothing else the home seller needs to do. Many properties are perfectly staged when we meet with the sellers. 

Sometimes though, sellers need our help. Life gets overwhelming, and with work and kids, staging just isn't top on the list for some sellers. Or maybe they don't know what to do or just don't have time. 

If you are selling your home in Lindale or Hideaway, Texas, here are some home staging tips that you can follow to prepare your home for sale. 

Guidelines to Stage Your Lindale & Hideaway Home

1. Attract Home Buyers from the Start

Selling your home revolves around first impressions. You want your home to be so captivating that Lindale area home buyers will want to see what's inside and eventually purchase your property. This means sprucing up your front yard and making your home stand out.

Some low-cost ways to "wow" potential home buyers include replacing your front door knob, buying a new mailbox, and putting a seasonal wreath on your front door.  

2. Opt for Depersonalized Home Furnishings

We understand that family heirlooms are sentimental and precious to you. But home buyers may not have the same appreciation for the furniture or decorations that have been passed down through generations.

When you're staging your home, make your living areas more neutral so that Lindale home buyers don't feel like intruders walking through your house during a showing. 

We have a storage area full of small furniture pieces, artwork, mirrors, ficus trees, greenery, lamps, rugs, floral arrangements, etc. to use where needed to provide a warm and cozy feeling in the home for potential Lindale home buyers.

3. Cater to All Five Senses

You wouldn't eat a bowl of pasta that smelled bad. Home buyers don't want a house that smells unpleasant, either. 

Deep clean your carpets to wash away any faint odors, and ditch the kitty litter smell that you've probably gotten used to. And a little soft music goes a long way — play some smooth jazz and light a sweet-smelling candle to add onto your home's inviting atmosphere. 

The bottom line when staging your Lindale and Hideaway home is that you want your house to look and feel comfortable for visiting home buyers. 

clean and decluttered bedroomComplementary Home Staging Services

At Leslie Cain Realty, we are proud to say we offer complimentary home staging services for our clients. We always provide suggestions for anything that may or may not need to be done prior to the photography session. 

The first thing we do is help our clients de-clutter and give them instructions on what should be removed from the home. Often, that process is all that is needed.

However, it is not good to show a home that is too blank or empty. A home needs just the right amount of staging to provide the "feeling" buyers want to have when they walk in a home in Lindale. Empty homes feel cold and void. Properly staged homes feel warm and inviting.

The difference can definitely result in more money in your pocket as a home seller. Many companies nationwide charge large fees for home staging services. At this time, we provide the service as a bonus to our clients for choosing to do business with Leslie Cain Realty. Contact us today to learn more.