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9 Rules for Effectively Marketing Your Lindale Home

A home that isn’t seen is a home that isn’t sold. Real estate marketing really boils down to that key point. When selling your home, you need to make sure that you’re putting your property in front of as many potential buyers as possible. Once you have their attention, you can’t scare them away with a home that looks downtrodden. We at Leslie Cain Realty want to give you the 9 rules for marketing well and selling your home.

1. Online Presence

The more eyes, the faster the sale. Gone are the days where simply sticking a ‘For Sale’ sign in the yard sells a home. The internet is a terrific tool that your Lindale neighbors are using to get their homes seen by thousands of prospective buyers so get on that train. Listing with MLS and marketing sites will go a long way to getting your home sold. Reputable listing agents should have an effective and well-thought out strategy for this, as well.

2. The Price Is Right (Or Is It?)

You better hope it is. Overpricing your home because of emotional attachment to it will scare away even the most intent of buyers. With a wealth of information at their fingertips nowadays, a buyer can find out within seconds if your home price is comparable to others in your area. If it isn’t, you just lost a possible sale. Pricing too low cuts into your bottom line, so be sure to do research before you set your price. It needs to be justifiable and an excellent “hook”.

3. Photos, Photos, and A Lot More Photos

Taking only a photo of the exterior of the home isn’t going to sell your home. Buyers want to see as much of your home (inside especially) as possible before they commit to contact you or your agent for a home viewing. Nowadays buyers are as short on time as you are so they’ll resist any temptation to waste it. Consider professional photography as well and put that Polaroid away.

4. Virtual Tours

As wonderful and eye-catching as photos are, do you know what trumps them? Video. A well orchestrated video or virtual tour of the home really brings the buyers into the home and gives them the emotion of being there. If done well, this should make them want to see more and that is what can lead to a home viewing. Don’t ignore the impact of a buyers’ emotions in a sale.

5. Print Advertising Isn’t Dead (Yet)

In the spirit of using every possible outlet to market your home, be sure you also place the listing in print. There are several free publications (typically) that go out locally wherein you pay a small fee and they list a picture with a brief description. You’d be surprised how many prospective buyers still head to the local grocer to grab one.

6. Direct Mail

An oldie and still a goodie. There’s no guarantee a person will go online everyday or head to the local store to pick up a publication. They will check their mailbox, though. When they do it’d be a great chance to put your home right in their hand, literally. Be sure to investigate services that help you with direct mail campaigns. There should be several that are very inexpensive, yet, effective in your area.

7. Signage

Although it alone won’t sell a home, it’s still a key part in getting one sold. Some buyers are just more traditional in their approach and choose to drive around looking for homes that are for sale. Having a very nice looking and CLEAN ‘For Sale’ sign will also get the attention of neighborhood visitors that may be there just to see a friend. That sign should also include updated contact information. A disconnected number is the end of that buyer interest.

8. Curb Appeal

Once the buyer looks up from the ‘For Sale’ sign in the yard, what do they see? Make sure the answer to this question is “an attractive home”. Be sure to keep your home presentable as possible at all times while it’s for sale. You never know who is driving by for a quick “peek a boo” and if the lawn is unkempt or the siding needs to be pressure washed, they’ll keep on driving. And you will never know about the sale you just cost yourself.

9. Open House

Following the previous 8 rules will hopefully begin to lead to an influx of buyer interest and more importantly, home showings. Be sure you have the right agent on your side that can show you how to stage your home for the individual viewings and to also assist you with pulling together an Open House. This allows several prospects to view the home and ask any questions they may have. Make this emotional in a good way. Light fragrance candles and play some relaxing music.

Quickly Go from ‘For Sale’ to ‘Sold’

Save time and money when selling your home with a team of Lindale real estate experts to assist you. With our 9 simple home marketing tips and our home selling experience, your home can receive maximum exposure on the local real estate market, allowing you to sell your Lindale home fast and for more moneyGive Leslie Cain Realty a call today!